Saha Swimwear

Saha <br> Walkas E24 Swimsuit
Price: $154.00
Saha <br> Sui K31 Dress
Price: $174.00
Saha <br> Sui P9B Pants
Price: $148.00
Saha <br> Kari Dress
Price: $161.00
Saha<br>Kari B117 Bandeau Bikini
Price: $160.00
Saha <br> Kari TR8 Swimsuit
Price: $159.00
Saha<br>Aruma P9C Pants
Price: $148.00
Saha<br>Aruma E28 Swimsuit
Price: $170.00
Saha <br> Indi K25A Dress
Price: $150.00
Saha<br>Inga B122 Bikini Top
Price: $82.00
Saha <br> Walekeru TR10 Swimsuit
Price: $159.00
Saha<br>Tayel P9A Pants
Price: $148.00
Saha<br>Sui S4 Skirt
Price: $152.00
Saha Swimwear<br>Pescadito Fringe Pareo PR1
Price: $89.00
Sale price: $44.50
Saha Swimwear<br>Mood Cabana Triangle Bikini
Price: $140.00
Sale price: $70.00
Saha Swimwear<br>Mood Cabana Two Piece B12
Price: $150.00
Sale price: $75.00
Saha Swimwear<br>Balance Two Piece B29
Price: $152.00
Sale price: $76.00
Saha Swimwear<br>Pure Romance E2 One Piece Swimsuit
Price: $157.00
Sale price: $78.50
Saha Swimwear<br>Pure Romance B16 Bikini
Price: $154.00
Sale price: $77.00
Saha Swimwear<br>New Destiny B5 Two Piece Bikini
Price: $143.00
Sale price: $71.50

Saha Swimwear 2014 - Saha is a Colombian Swimwear and beachwear brand, established in 2006 with experience in the international market.

Saha's design proposal is the result of absolute attention to detail and a commitment to maintain high quality standards. Creating pieces based on the latest global trends, maintaining a balance with touches and accents that make each SAHA style as unique.

The SAHA woman is natural, feminine, fashion-conscious, and always attentive to detail. The collections offer a wide range of seamless bathing suits that flatters the figure while providing full comfort.

The collections include swimwear, dresses, tunics, blouses and accessories that offer extensive choices for the contemporary woman.

Saha products are available in over 25 countries around the world. Saha designs have been featured in major fashion publications worldwide, such as Sports Illustrated, Collezioni Beachwear, DIVA, WGSN, Stylesight, Vogue INSTYLE, Lucky, Shape and Fitness, among others.