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Choose the Right Hair Do and Make-Up for a Successful Bikini Shoot

May 13, 2016


Doing a photo shoot as a bikini model is way different from the regular modeling assignments. This is because unlike the other modeling photo shoots, the focus is always on your entire body and you need to look totally hot and amazing from head to toe. Your regular workout and proper diet will ensure that you sizzle in the For Love and Lemons Swim bikini that you wear during the shoot. However, you also need to choose the proper hair style and makeup to match the sensational look.  Given below are some useful tips that can help ensure that you have the perfect make-up and hair style for a successful shoot.

  • Your primary focus as a bikini model should be on maintaining a clean, fresh and simple look that can work wonders in every type of photo shoot. You should use minimal make-up that enhances your natural beauty and makes you feel light and fresh. This is especially true for foundation and blush on, which if applied too much tend to ruin your natural appeal.
  • Since the chances of you getting wet during a For Love and Lemons Swim bikini shoot are quite high, you should make it a habit of using only the best water proof and smudge proof products. This will not only ensure that you don’t have to face the problem of make-up running down your face, but will also eliminate the need of regular touch up, which might spoil the overall even look across multiple shots.  
  • When choosing make-up for your eyes, opt for lighter shades that compliment your eyes without highlighting them too much. You need to remember that although you need to look extremely good during the shoot, the main aim is to attract the customers to buy the bikini. So anything that undermines this objective needs to be avoided at all costs.
  • In order to maintain the focus on the For Love and Lemons Swim bikini during the photo shoot, you need to choose a hair do that does not look too perfect or too uncluttered. The best way is to opt for a curly tousled look which adds to your overall sexy look, while also ensuring that the customer focus in maintained on the bikini.
  • In case you are not too sure about the look you should support during your bikini photo shoot, just take a small break and imagine how you would like to see yourself walking down a beach, enjoying an outing. You will definitely not be wearing any dark make-up neither will you go to the beach in a stylish hair-do, which is how you need to look for the photo shoot.

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