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Designer Bikinis

October 18, 2015

Designer Bikinis

Bikinis have become all the rage in beach and swimwear since the 1960's when they were introduced to wardrobes. A good bikini should bring out the best features in a body while at the same time make you look stylish. Designer bikinis have been a feature in beach and swimwear since the advent of the bikini. Different designers have seen the need to satisfy this niche in the fashion industry.

Latest Swimwear Trends

The latest trends in designer bikinis are characterized by sharp design lines that accentuate the body's shape. These latest advances have also been greatly enhanced by the different design styles that are unique to different designers. This makes the work of a potential buyer relatively easy when making a decision on what designer's work would suit which type of body. Designers like Luli Fama swimwear, Wildfox, and Saha's unique design lines help a discerning user to choose a bikini that will suit your taste.


Designer bikinis by Acacia swimwear


Sizing and Shaping

Designer bikinis also come in different prints and materials that have proven to be quite popular and have revolutionized the beach and swim industry. Shirred and ruched swimsuits have become all the vogue to wearers of different styles and sizes, this is due to the flattering way the fabrics streamlines your curves. So, women of all sizes have been well-catered to in the swim and beachwear fashion industry. There are also varied price ranges to cater for all tiers of the consumer market segments.

How to Purchase?

These designer bikinis are available in our online Cacique Boutique store. Going to the beach does not need to be a nightmare. This is because looking good in a designer bikini and swimwear is available for customers of all shapes, sizes, and seams. Be sure to visit our store and check out all ranges of different designs and colors. Celebrate this summer with some new bikini swimwear.

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4 4 6 6 8 10 12 12 14 14 16
34 34 36 36 38 40 42 42 44 44 46

 *Please note this is a universal size chart, exact measurements may vary by designer.

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