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All You Need To Know About String Bikini and How to Choose the Right One

June 01, 2016

There is no denying the fact that a bikini is one of the most sensuous dresses worn by women. Despite their skimpiness, these outfits are extremely popular among women especially when they are out on a beach or in tanning salons. Although there different styles and shapes of bikinis that are available in the market, the ones that are known as string bikinis are definitely the most popular. If you have a curvaceous body, then a Kai Lani string bikini can go a long way in highlighting your sensuous figure.

What is a string Bikini?

 A string bikini is a two piece swimwear that features a number of strings to ties up the various loose ends. It is known for its minimalistic construction, which generally comprises of triangular pieces having long strings at each end. The triangular pieces are used to cover your assets from front while the strings are tied at the back to hold up this triangular piece. The right kind of Kai Lani string bikini can help enhance your sexy look in a significant manner and this is not the least because they leave very less to imagination.

 Choosing the Right String Bikini

Depending on the type of string bikini you choose to buy, you can look either hot and sizzling or sleazy and cheap. Given below are some useful tips that can help you choose just the perfect Kai Lani string bikini for your next beach outing.

  • Be sure to elect the right style as it will determine your level of comfort and confidence while donning this outfit. You can get a thong style bikini if you are not too conscious about your assets being visible or else you can choose the ones that offer greater coverage on back if you are somewhat shy.
  • Even though your string bikini does not feature much fabric, you need to be extremely careful while choosing its color. You should opt for a color scheme that compliments your skin tone In case, you plan to visit the tanning salon before hitting the beach, it is advisable to shop for your string bikini after the tanning session.
  • While shopping for your string bikini, spend ample time on checking out the various sizes and shapes they are available in. When you find the bikini style that you think is just right, be sure to try a size smaller and bigger than the one you have selected and then choose by comparing the three.


If you are usually quite active on the beach avoid buying string bikinis that only feature knot ins. Rather choose the ones that feature both knot ins and tie ups.    

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