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Cam McMullen @camm_you_not

Cam McMullen Model

  • Describe your style in 3 words: Chic, European, Grunge
  • What is your go-to beach accessory: Aside from a suit, I never ever leave without Bali Body Watermelon Tanning oil. The watermelon seed oil naturally enhances your tan and leaves you smelling so so sweet!
  • What is your daily make-up routine: Bronzer and Mascara will always be my go-to's
  • What is your favorite hair product: I barely brush my hair so my hair product use is bare-minumum! But I love natural, at home remedies. Egg whites and coconut oil are my basic at home uses!
  • Who are your top style influencers? Romee Strijd is serious goals, in ALL aspects!
  • Who are your favorite designers? At Cacique Boutique, Bandits Swimwear, For love and Lemons and Montce! All time-Marc Jacobs!
  • Wardrobe essentials you can't live without? A bikini because I live at the beach, ripped jeans and adidas (I have a thing for sneaks with swimsuits)
  • One piece of styling/fashion advice you'd like to give to your followers: Just be who you are. Fashion is such a fun way to express your creative abilities and yourself, it is meant to be challenged and it's meant to be different! Trends are fun but fashion is all about breaking them. Wear something that has you more than comfortable in your own skin and always rock what you got!


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